World Class Residential Putting Unlike Any Other.

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The SmartGreen is a full-size world class indoor putting surface and gaming hub for luxury homeowners.

World Class Indoor Putting Surface

The residential SMARTGREEN is a full size world class indoor putting surface that syncs with putting gaming technology to provide games for solo instruction or entertaining small or large groups: ideal for social gatherings, parties, games, and more!  

Putting Games Application

The SMARTGREEN gaming app and dashboard is user friendly and works with the Apple iPad. Simply select game, players, player difficulty level, and it’s game time! Entertain small or large groups with up to 8 games familiar to the masses.

 Automated Gaming Spotlights

The residential SMARTGREEN delivers an automated and augmented gaming experience via app and two commercial spotlights: the spotlights enable a fast pace augmented putting game environment that socially engages all ages and skill levels.  


Home Menu

Choose up to 8 automated user familar and easy to learn putting games, practice with auto putt or synchronize with a swing simulator to play a full round of traditional golf indoors. Putting games include 2-putt par challenge, darts, corn hole, shuffleboard, beer pong, around the world, and high stakes money games.

Select Player Difficulty Level

Choose player difficulty level to create equal level competitions for all ages and skill sets. SMART GREEN laser hardware and algorithms track putting data to automatically keep accurate and competition friendly scoring.

NextLinks Challenge

The 2-putt par NextLinks Challenge is a traditional stroke play competition that is only played on the putting surface. 

  • birdie = 1 putt (-1)
  • par = 2 putt
  • bogey = 3 putt (+1)
  • double bogey = 4 putt (+2)


Play the traditional game of darts on the putting green and at a much quicker pace. The SMARTGREEN keeps the action going by  automatically tracking scores from player to player.

High Stakes Putting

Play high stakes or money games. The SMART GREEN algorithm automatically tracks the odds of each putt using the most up to date putting data. Play or bet against the putting odds of  4:1, 5:1, 10:1 and so on. Your the house and it’s your game!

Putting Beer Pong

Beer Pong has a new putting face. The first person to putt into 10 cups wins. Play until you miss and the next player goes. The SMART GREEN technology will usher the game and track scoring with laser percision.

Corn Hole

CornHole is a very popular game for all ages and is straight forward to learn. Board = 1 pt, Hole = 3 pts. Each player putts 2 balls to the laser produced board and next player goes.

Shuffle Board

Shuffle Board is a popular game and straight forward to learn. For the SMART GREEN version of Shuffle Board, each player simply putts the ball to the designated locations and the technology tracks the scores automatically.

Around the World

Around the World allows you to entertain up to 40 people every hour with a fast paced around the world tournament. This is the perfect game for entertaining and socially engaging large groups with a memorable atmosphere.


Entertainment for the Masses

Entertain and engage guests of all ages and skill levels for equal play putting games that are familiar to many and easy to learn. 

User Friendly Gaming Dashboard

Provide your guest with an easy to use self serving iPAD gaming dashboard that comes with an industrial strong Kiosk stand built to serve a fast pace gaming environment.

Accurate Score Tracking

Provide a fast pace and accurate score gaming environment by inputing scores on an easy to use iPad via bluetooth connection that is also ready for 5G networks.  

Gaming History and Updates

The SMARTGREEN automatically provides new gaming updates and tracks scoring history real time: establish your home’s SMARTGREEN records and gaming history! 

Atmosphere Transformer

Create a socially engaging putting game experience that will transform the atmosphere through classic and modern gaming: the SMARTGREEN is perfect for hosting games, parties, or events for small or large groups.

Practice or Entertain Anytime

Practice solo or provide group putting game entertainment during rain, cold, hot, snow, humidity, wind, or at night of course! 

World Class Putting Surface

Provide a full size indoor putting surface that enables an augmented putting games experience that socially gathers and entertains both small and large groups unlike any other.

True-to-Roll Putting Surface

Provide your putting practice or guests with a durable, true to roll and designed putting surface that both amateur and skilled players will greatly appreciate.  

Standard or Custom Sizes

Design your SMARTGREEN with multiple options to fit your current or new home set up. From 400 sqft. and up, there is a SMART GREEN for any large homeowner.

Eight Games and Counting

Entertain 2 to 8 players or even up to 40 players with eight games and counting: 2-putt par challenge, darts, beer pong, shuffle board, corn hole,  high stake money games, around the world and even custom games available!   

DesignInstall, and Entertain in 60 Days or Less!

Our design team will work with both you and your local contractor to design any size SMARTGREEN over 400 square feet.

Once your SMARTGREEN is delivered at your residence, the coordinated installation process begins and ends in 3 days or less.

Within 60 days, your home’s spare area and atmosphere can be transformed into a social gathering place for games, parties, and more!


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Download Buyers Guide and Access $10,500 Product Bonus Offer